Federico Marmori

European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (FEMTC)

1976-1979 Chinese Traditional Medicine training with Ma Hai Liang Doctor in Traditional Medicine, Bangkok - Thailand
1977-1978: Thai Traditional massage training at Wat P Traditional Medical College.
Bangkok - Thailand
1979 – 1981: Physiotherapy degree. Sambucy school of physiotherapy. Paris. France
1982-1988: Undergraduate Studies in Chinese Traditional medicine
Beijing University of Traditional Chinese medicine,
Beijing, China.
1998 Acupuncture detoxification therapy training course.
Substance abuse rehabilitation center, Lincoln Hospital, New York, USA
2006-2009 Master in clinical acupuncture, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of
Chinese Medicine, Beijing - China
2009-2012 PHD in clinical acupuncture, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of
Chinese Medicine, Beijing - China
2011 New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Level 5) Beijing - China
New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Advanced Speaking Level) Beijing -

1976-1979: Chinese medicine and acupuncture training
Ma Hai Liang Chinese medicine doctor
Bangkok, Thailand
1978: Distant education course of Chinese language
Oriental Language Institute
Paris, France
1980: Advanced Chinese language course
Mandarin training center
Taipei, Taiwan
1998: Acupuncture treatment in substance abuse training
Lincoln hospital (south Bronx)
Psychiatry and drug addiction department
New York, USA
1990-2014: Academic Dean and Founder of "Escuela Superior de Medicina Tradicional
China", Professor
Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Spain
1990-2006: Founder and academic director of "Istituto Superiore di Medicina
Tradizionale Cinese" Villa Giada – Official school for the training of
medical doctors in TCM.
Professor for the Medical Acupuncture Course
Roma, Italy
1998-2003: Lecturer in Chinese medicine at
"Qi Gong Ling Gui" school
Paris, Toulouse, France.
1999-2013: Founder and director of jadecampus.com website
Continuing medical education in Chinese medicine
2000-2003: Professor in Chinese medicine at
Superior Institute of Medical Sciences, "Enrique Cabrera" Faculty
Havana, Cuba
2002-2003: Professor in Chinese medicine at "Shao Yang" Institute
Lyon, France
2003: Lecturer for the AcuDetox course at the Public Health Unit for treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism treatment.
A. U.S.L. RM C (S.E.R.T.) District VI
Roma – Italy

2005 Professor in Chinese Medicine at Asociación Portuguesa de Profesionales de Acupuntura
Lisboa - Portugal
2005-2012 Professor in Chinese Medicine at Chuzhen Institute of TCM
Paris - France


1990-1996 Villa Giada Chinese Medicine Clinic (Acupuncture,Chinese Herbs)。
Rome, Italy
1997-2005 Private practice (Acupuncture,Chinese Herbs)
Paris, France
2006-2012 Resident doctor in the acupuncture department at Beijing TCM University
Hospital (Dongzhimen Hospital)
Beijing – China
2012- Present Acupuncture Department Director, Medimar International Hospital
Alicante – Spain

1999: August, establishment and training of an acupuncture detoxification team
in penitentiary environment.
Central jail, "Alternativa" association for drug addiction
Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores (Portugal)
2001: Lectures on Taoism and Qi Gong
Fort de France – French West Indies
2005 – Present : Academic comission member of the European Foundation of Chinese
Traditional Medicine.

2005 – Present : Education Comittee member of the Pan European Federation of TCM
Societies (PEFOTS)
2006 – Present : World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) Board
2006 – 2012 : Internal medical resident in Beijing Chinese Medicine University Hospital
(Dongzhimen Hospital). Beijing - China
2012 – Present : Acupuncture Department Director in Medimar International Hospital.
Alicante – Spain
2013 – Present : AENOR ISO/TC 249 TCM Expert in the Chinese Medicine
Normalization Committee.
2014 : Researcher for European Project "China and Europe Taking Care of
Healthcare Solutions" (ChETCH) IRSES (GA no. 612589).

1992-1994: Translation in French of Beijing University TCM book:
"Les points d'acupuncture et leurs mécanismes d'action"
Masson publishing company
Paris, France.
In Italian: "I punti di agopuntura e i loro meccanismi di azione"
Masson publishing company
Milano, Italy
1992: Co-author of the three volumes "Curso de medicina tradicional china"
Edigraf publishing company
Barcelona, Spain
2003 Randomized Trial Of AcupunctureCompared With Prokinetic Drugs And
Sham AcupunctureFor Chronic Idiopathic Dyspepsia.
Medical Acupuncture, 2003, 14(2):17-18.
2009 Clinical Acupuncture Master Thesis: "Initial research on therapeutical
strategy when using the eight extraordinary meridians in the treatment
of depression" (Chinese language)
2012 Acupuncture point selection in the treatment of bronchial asthma associated
with depression or anxiety (Chinese language article). Journal of Beijing
Traditional Medicine University 2012, 19(2)
2012 PhD thesis: "Influence of the mind regulation acupuncture treatment method
on quality of life in patients with chronic persistent bronchial asthma"
(Chinese language)
2013 Chen S, Guo SN, Marmori F, et al.Appraisal of the Deqi Concept among
Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists. Evid Based Complement Alternat
Med. 2013;2013:538476, 7 pages.
2013 Zhao JP, Chen S, Marmori F, et al. Disease location identification as a major
guide to acupoint selection. Chin J Integr Med. 2013 Dec;19(12):894-9.

1999: Keynote speech. Topic: "Chinese Traditional Medicine online Teaching" at
the NADA conference (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association)
Hamburg - Germany
2001: Lecture on Taoism and Qi Gong
Fort de France – French West Indies
2008: November. Keynote speech. Topic: "Thoughts on International TCM
Education" TCM Education outside China. 2008 International Symposium
on Techniques and Clinical Application of Acupuncture and Moxibustion"
BUCM, Beijing, China
2013: March. Keynote speech. Topic: "Acupuncture protocol in combined
treatment of chronic prostatitis". Second Annual Academic Conference of
the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Specialty Committee of
the Internal Medicine, Hong Kong, China.
2014: June. Keynote Speech. "Chinese Medicine research outline". Third Congress
of Chinese Medicine of the Scientific Society of Chinese Traditional
Medicine. Caracas, Venezuela

1990-2003: Interpreter from Chinese to Italian for Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine professor's at Istituto Superiore di Medicina Tradizionale Cinese – Villa Giada Roma – Italy.
2001-2003: Interpreter from Chinese to French for Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine professors' at "Chu Zhen" Institute
Paris, France.
2006-2013: Interpreter from Chinese to Spanish for Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine professors' at European Foundation of Chinese Medicine
Barcelona, Spanish.
Multilingual: Italian (mother tongue), French, Spanish, English, Chinese and Thai.