Christine Nardini, Ph.D

Christine Nardini followed her Master degree in biomedical engineering with a 2-year placement in a biomedical company, working in the area of anti-arrhythmic devices. After this experience in industry, she started a Ph.D. in computational biology working at omic data mining. In this context, she has taught students enrolled on the International Master in Bioinformatics (at Unibo).
A time as visiting scientist at Stanford and San Diego Universities have set the bases for a durable collaboration (now at EPFL Switzerland) and forged the interest in translational medicine. Later, she worked at the Telethon Institute for Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) in Naples on gene network reconstruction.
She is interested in the application of omic approaches to the understanding autoimmune maladies, using rheumatoid arthritis as model disease. With these preferential tools she has been working for several years at the MPG-CAS PICB institute in Shanghai to uncover the systemic biological mechanisms of action of acupuncture, with a focus on the metabolic and immune impact on the gut intestinal microbiome. She recently published on Science Special Feature on TCM a perspective on this approach. She is currently mentor at PICB, scientific consultant for Geeppies and invited professor at Unibo.